Ahead of his album release, Naveen Kumar talks about the versatility of the flute

He’s been an integral part of Bollywood’s sound and is also well known for his collection of flutes, many of which are rare and exotic and have been heard in popular tunes in movies such as Love Aaj Kal and Dhoom. He’s worked with the likes of A.R. Rahman on the music of Roja and Bombay and on the international front has collaborated with artistes like John McLaughlin.

World acclaimed flautist, Naveen Kumar is all set to launch his third album, FluteTronics, this week, with which he brings back the magic of his fluty tunes entwined with the works of celebrated musicians, producers and composers Karsh Kale, Blaaze, etc.

In a telephonic interview, the flautist informs: “This is a fusion album and comprises eight songs of which three are Karsh’s. The album has a youthful appeal and since I play all instruments and have composed all the songs, the record bears a distinct sound. In fact, I’ve given the flute a new reverberation altogether. The flute as an instrument is versatile. It is vocals sans lyrics.”

The album released by Sony Music has six original tracks and two cover tracks from Naveen’s previous album. Ask him how different is FluteTronics from Fluid and Café Fluid, and he replies: “I’ve used more electronica sounds and beats in this album. Also, this whole jugalbandhi concept of East meets West musically gives this record its edge. The intros all have a strong melody line and are hummable. There are narrations that introduce and give more meaning to each of the songs.”

According to this music connoisseur, working with Indian American musician, producer and composer Karsh Kale “was fun and fulfilling. He’s a very simple person though he has made such a big name for himself in the music industry around the world. Having worked with him previously, it was very easy to work with him again. Also, musicians are not business people so we help each other a lot professionally.”

And does the man himself have a personal favourite from his latest album? “All the songs are differently composed. I think ‘Way to Haj’ beautifully captures the mindset of people who go on the pilgrimage and the song is very soulful.”

In addition to film tracks Naveen has offered his expertise to popular ad jingles such as Airtel, Reliance Mobile, etc. Being a freelancer, the flautist ensures he devotes his time to all the things he loves best. Recently, he even came out with a Gospel album for Easter. “That’s the beauty of music, its possibilities are limitless,” he concludes.