Kerala Fine Arts Society


To foster the cultural plurality of India and to be an axis of socio-cultural activities in Kochi.


The Kerala Fine Arts Society (KFAS) was born in 1956 chiefly due to the joint efforts taken by a handful of like-minded friends in Kochi. However, little did they know that, one day, the collective that they had envisaged would turn out to be an integral cultural hub. And for over five decades, the KFAS has remained the most popular focal point of cultural events in the city. At the initial round of membership campaign, the KFAS gathered around 300 members under various categories. Currently, the Fine Arts Society has around 700 members including 23 institutional ones. The fee for life and institutional memberships stands at Rs.14,000 and Rs.50,000 respectively.


The Kerala Fine Arts Society has had a rich cultural odyssey. The Society has been witness to the cultural vibrancy of Kochi in an unparalleled manner. The maiden programme under its aegis was a Carnatic concert by Madurai Mani Iyer in February 1957. Ever since, the Society has set the stage for countless music concerts (of all genres), theatre fests, film festivals, classical art forms, art shows, photo exhibitions and dance programmes, to name a few.

During the early Eighties, a programme series titled ‘Festival of India’ organised by KFSA had become hugely popular owing to the quality of the performances and participation. During its formative days, the programmes were held at TDM Hall or SRV High School. And finally, in 1971, the Society moved into its own building that was inaugurated by Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer.

For the past 25 years, KFAS has been conducting weekend music classes at the advanced level. “Those who attend these classes are serious students and later, most of them take up music as their profession,” remarks T.P. Ramesh, secretary of the Fine Arts Society. The classes are conducted by renowned academicians and annually, the Society is also getting a nominal grant for the purpose.

The Society also offers a number of Endowments namely Chembai Memorial Endowment, M. Unnikrishna Menon Endowment and Sarada Krishna Iyer Memorial Endowment – all for promoting music talent. The Society also has its own newsletter titled ‘Thodayam’, since 2001.


The Kerala Fine Arts Society, through its programmes, has left an indelible impression in the hearts of art enthusiasts in Kochi. That the street overlooking the Society Hall was named ‘Fine Arts Avenue’ is a true testimonial to its popularity and social recognition. “For more than five and half decades the Society has served silently to cater to the aesthetic sensibilities of city folks. What else does one need to expect from a social outfit?” asks a senior member of KFSA.

Getting in touch

To know more about Kerala Fine Arts Society and their activities call 0484-2352730 (Office) or 09447608874 (Secretary). One can also email them at