Most members have a very good collection, which underlines their passion for their hobby.


Established in 1976, the Kerala Numismatic Society (KNS) is said to be the oldest organisation of coin and stamp collectors in the city. Over the years, it has come to be identified as a platform that encourage people to take up numismatics and philately as a hobby which might even help one hit a jackpot. Apart from KNS, there are few other organisations such as Cochin Numismatics Society, Shastri’s Numismatics Academy and Religious Stamp Club operational in the city.


Each coin, currency note, and stamp is a storehouse of history. Each piece throws light on a kingdom’s, dynasty’s, country’s, history, heritage and culture, which is educative, inspiring and interesting too. Since its inception, the Society has been quite active and its members come together at Ernakulam on the second Sunday of every month to interact, exchange and to indulge in the sale of their collection. Most members have a very good collection, which underlines their passion for their hobby.

The Society also helps its members to catalogue and consolidate the history of coins and stamps in their collection. Today, there are private agencies that assess the authenticity and grade the quality of coins.

The Mumbai-based Numismatic Guarantee Service (NGS) is one such solution provider on grading, and its certification is regarded as a benchmark in the circuit.

“Besides immense satisfaction, it’s a hobby that ensures you good money and for more reasons than that one you cannot remain laidback once you take a plunge into numismatics,” says Krishnakumar Menon, secretary of KNS. Old coins have become very scanty and not many are aware of its historical and market value, he adds.

The Society offers only life membership to aspirants and the fee is Rs. 2,000 along with an admission fee of Rs. 50. Currently, KNS has around 700 members and till few years ago the Society used to publish a monthly journal for its members.

In the past, the Society had conducted several national exhibitions and they will be putting up yet another national edition ‘Coin Expo 2012’ this November.

“As I am passionate about my hobby I make it a point to attend exhibitions being held at different parts of the country for exchange and sale of my collection. And each time I end up grabbing some big surprises,” says Lakshmanan, who has been a member of the Society for the past 13 years and is currently acting as its treasurer.

IMPACT:Through frequent exhibitions, educative sessions, exchange and sale of coins, the Kerala Numismatic Society could very well succeed in spreading the message among enthusiasts that numismatics and philately can be pursued as a serious hobby. It will not only help one to understand history but will also end up as a rewarding hobby.

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