USP: Green holiday

Nestled in the foothills of the Bababudangiri range, with the massive Mullayangiri peak towering over it is the town of Chikmagalur, famous for its coffee estates and scenic beauty. On the misty Mullayangiri peak, all one can hear is the sound of the wind, beautiful, scary and awe-inspiring at the same time. Coffee estates and forests dot the landscape; there is also a small temple located on the peak, with a small passage way tempting us to climb all the way to the top.

The Serai resort is around six km from Chikmagalur town, amidst acres of coffee plantation and is a great place to laze around in, far from the stress and hustle-bustle of city life.

As you make your way from the lobby to the villas, there is a large swimming pool, complete with chairs and the usual paraphernalia. The rooms / villas are located some distance away from the hotel; there is an electric buggy if you need it. The rooms are fairly large, and equipped with a small garden, a sofa set and chairs. The cottages are enclosed by massive walls to enhance privacy.

The rooms have wooden flooring, and are equipped with a mini bar, with biscuits for a midnight snack or if you are too lazy to walk up to the restaurant. There's a massive LCD TV screen on the wall. You can also choose from a list of DVDs of movies from the hotel reception. If you are into books, check out the small library situated near the restaurant, featuring a fine selection of books. A bubble bath in the massive bath tub is refreshing. You can also have a cold water shower, in the open.

The restaurant offers a six-course meal. Choose from pastas filled with the best cheese to the superb rogan gosht, a potent combination with thick rotis and parathas. You can also choose from superb neer dosas, and soft and fluffy idlis with chutneys. As for the dessert, try out the exotic chocolate rum balls.

The sky lounge is decorated innovatively, and features an open sit-out area that provides a spectacular view of the neighbouring hills and the coffee estates. The resort offers you all the facilities for a pleasant and enjoyable vacation in quiet coffee country.