Five Nature trails that take you deep into South India's forests

Ficus Wildlife and Natural History Tours organises wildlife tours in April and May. These trips are to Pampadum Shola (April 30 to May 3), Mukurthi Fishing Hut (May 7 to 10), Periyar and Gavi (May 14 to 17), Top Slip (May 21 to 24) and Kalakad-Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve (May 27 to 31).

Pampadum Shola is a montane shola with visible wildlife and excellent birds in the higher hills around Munnar. Mukurthi Fishing Hut is in Mukurthi National Park; its shola-grasslands are among the most beautiful landscapes in South India. The moist deciduous and evergreen forests of Periyar and Gavi make for great sightings of wildlife and birds. Top Slip is a scenically-located tourism zone within the Anamalai Tiger Tiger Reserve. Here, you can sight the elephant, gaur and occasional tiger as well as endemic wildlife and birds. Kalakad-Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve is hidden in the deep South, and it also contains some of South India's best rainforests. It is known for its endemic medicinal plants, mountain scenery and riparian systems.

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