Kalanjiyam releases educational video focussing on child development

In an initiative to help working parents, soon-to-be-parents and communities on parenting, Kalanjiyam, a Chennai-based non-governmental organisation working in community development — primarily education, health and skill building in rural communities — has released an educational video, Thaimei Part II focussing on child development.

The documentary teaches parents how to raise a child well, explaining how children have multiple needs, including emotional support, intellectual stimulation and undivided love, which promotes healthy, physical, emotional, social and intellectual development.

The documentary is divided into five one-year segments covering 0 to five years. At each stage, Latha Mangeshwari presents facts on physical development, behavioural indicators to look for, child’s needs and expectations, how to respond, and ample tips on do’s and don’ts for promoting healthy, psychological and social well being.

In 2008, the NGO released VCD titled Thaimei Part I that narrates the life of a woman since her birth.

Kamala Selvaraj, renowned doctor working in the field of mother and child health, narrates the life of a girl in simple Tamil. She explains the important stages in a woman’s life such as attaining puberty up to pregnancy and the stages of pregnancy. She also highlights the steps and precautionary measures to be taken, medical tests to be done and treatment to be followed.

Thaimei I and II are available free of cost. It was developed with support of Tamil Nadu Foundation and Maithri Educational and Charitable Trust, T. Nagar, Chennai. For free copies in Madurai contact Thai Videos at 32, Thattara Lane, West Masi Street, Madurai or dial 9894777791 or write to kalanjiyam@gmail.com