How many shoes are too many? Akanksha Bhatia speaks to some people who own more than 60 pairs of shoes

Shoes can change your life. Remember Cinderella? The perfect pair led Prince Charming to her.

When it comes to shoes, why do women own so many pairs?

But it isn’t only the girls who seem to have wardrobes crammed with them. We found four shoe-lovers, including one gentleman, who owned more than 60 pairs and spoke to them on what keeps them hooked.

Mehek and Anil Issrani

This couple owns around 68 shoes each, which comes as no surprise, once you get to know them. The Issrani’s love for shoes extends to their business as well — they own the shoe store, Kobbler. Anil has an extensive collection of sports shoes. “I love sports and spend a lot of my time in the gym and that reflects in my shoe collection as well,” says Anil. Mehek admits that she loves her sparkly heels, “Glitter looks great when you go clubbing, it brightens up a dull outfit in seconds.”

Poonam Shah

Poonam Shah has 70 pairs of shoes bought from across the globe — Hong Kong, London, the U.S., Bali and the street shops of Mumbai. She doesn’t particularly shop for brands but instead looks for the essence of a shoe. “It’s almost like they have a character of their own,” she says, ushering me into her living room which has every kind of shoe a woman could ask for. “I need to buy a pair whenever I spot a new colour or style. It’s an urge I cannot resist,” she says. The most fascinating pair is one shaped like a snake that curls around the ankle. Any favourite shopping haunts? “China,” she says. “It’s a place that never ceases to surprise me, especially when it comes to shoes.”

Gagan Oberoi

“Shoes are my weakness,” says Gagan. I count 80 pairs on her shoe rack and see another 25 in the next one, but it turns out they aren’t hers, but her 11-year-old daughter’s. Gagan’s collection is more subtle, with mostly neutral colours and dark reds. “Shoes define a person, they reflect your personality,” she says. Also Gagan doesn’t have many stilettos and prefers more sensible footwear. “To me shoes are all about comfort. I literally like being comfortable in my own shoes,” she says.