The magazine ‘Suppandi 48' highlights Suppandi is a new whacky avatar specially designed for teenagers

Remember the lanky simpleton Suppandi from Tinkle comics who always landed himself into some kind of misadventures? Suppandi has been entertaining both children and adults for over 30 years now and there is more in store as Suppandi has his own magazine now. Owing to the popularity of the character, the quarterly magazine Suppandi 48 was launched by Amar Chitra Katha (ACK) media in July 2010. Initially, targeted for children, ACK media will transform Suppandi 48 into a teen magazine.

“It is predominantly a humour magazine filled with wacky gags, crazy stories and bizarre features. We have tried to infuse Suppandi in a Manga style comic, where the script flows from right to left and the pages are placed upside down,” explains Anisha H. Karthick, Editor of Suppandi 48. To suit the tastes of the modern day teenagers, the sixth issue has a variety of content apart from stories. Even Super Suppandi, Suppandi's alter ego dressed in a super hero costume, will make an appearance in this issue.

Talking about the teen issue, Anisha explains that the magazine will undergo a complete change in terms of colour palette, illustrations, content and design. “An un-extinct dinosaur, talking heads, zombies, spoof on Bollywood actors, nonsense quizzes are all samples of what will be found in the latest issue. The cover art of the latest issue has been inspired from pop art, accompanied with a disclaimer and a ‘Teens Only' stamp,” she says. The issue will focus on parodies and spoofs on various topics and even the character of Suppandi will be different from the one in Tinkle.

“Suppandi is all about proactive thinking, literal obedience and a natural talent for bunglingeverything around him. In Suppandi 48, Suppandi will no longer be shown as a domestic help. He will be seen exploring various professions, having fun-filled adventures, connecting with contemporary technology, pursuing hobbies, etc. However, the essence of the character will be maintained,” says Anisha adding that the character has been altered to suit the contemporary teenagers. The magazine will also contain new characters like ‘Wrex' and ‘Boing,' features on nonsense analytical quiz, on zombie outbreaks. “We have very explicit and equally hilarious visuals, which the teen audience will enjoy,” promises Anisha.