James Norwood Pratt in his New Tea Lover's Treasury quotes the Owl from Winnie-the-Pooh, who so wisely said “Come along inside. We will see if tea and buns can make the world a better place.” The good news is that millions worldwide are discovering afresh the wisdom of the Owl’s words. This sentiment of tea bettering the world was evident during the polls when it was used to encourage debate. With the idea of tea as a tool to promote peace, a governor of a divided State recently invited two warring sides to a tea party, hoping differences will dissolve in a cup.

No other brew has this distinction. I love all the drinks and savour them greedily, but each has its place in my heart for different reasons.

- Coffee is thrilling and brings you to the edge. It may just begin a battle.

- Wine is heady. It will relax to a point of lowering guard and logic.

- Beer is fatty and thoughts of a runaway belly are never far away.

- The good old whiskey is too prim and perfect for bilateral talks which head somewhere.

- Aerated drinks are funny. They make one giggle and I love them.

- Lassi is hearty and the burp….

- Sherbat is cooling and a time pass.

- Cocktails are challenging. They are excellent attempts to lure.,

- The humble chai does no such thing; it is straight and boring at times. Sip it slowly, drink in its virtues and look at the situation again. You will come up with a solution.

The Owl, James, the governor and I seem to be savouring the same cup.  

The feel-good cup

Drink any delicately scented tea - rose, jasmine or the famed Earl Grey or English breakfast.