Delhi Street Art will turn its paintbrushes to Shankar Market this Saturday

Shankar Market is going to get a makeover and it begins with Delhi Street Art (DSA) being roped in by the New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) to paint the market which is one of the oldest markets in central Delhi. According to Yogesh Saini, the brain behind DSA, “The primary focus of DSA public art events has been to add more colour to Delhi’s open spaces, give local artists a creative outlet to express themselves, and to encourage the citizens to keep their public spaces clean, while appreciating the art. What we are planning to do here is to paint the upper level of the shopping complex. There are eight such blocks, the first floors of which are being cleaned by NDMC right now. Their staircase, side walls, etc. will be transformed through art. I believe NDMC has further plans for Shankar Market and this is just a start. Now we feel excited to do our small bit towards restoring old city landmarks.”

DSA is an innovative platform wherein a public space is transformed through art. Street Art Saturdays is a series of events conceptualised and meticulously executed by the outfit since September 2013 in which artists are invited to participate voluntarily.

O.P. Mishra, Director, Projects, at NDMC, who has supported DSA in its past endeavour, says, “The June 14 event will be unique as it will target the revival of one of the oldest markets — built few years before Independence — and familiarise it to young shoppers and visitors who have probably often passed it by but rarely stopped to look.” Earlier NDMC and DSA had joined hands for the Lodi Gardens project in which garbage cans were painted by the artists.

DSA recently transformed the one kilometre long boundary wall and the children’s train at the National Bal Bhavan into a virtual outdoor art museum. It was also invited to Ahmedabad to create attractive murals on a newly built flyover at a busy intersection. Artists who sign up for the Shankar Market event will be provided all paint materials and supplies along with snacks and drinks.

(The artists will meet at Shankar Market Shop No. 54, Bimal Prints, on June 14 at 9 a.m. For details visit: