Co-optex is trying out several novel ways to reach out to people

‘Kalachara Pattu’, the traditional silk saris with both heavy and plain pallu , was recently launched at Co-optex Tamil Nadu Emporium, Connaught Place. It was not only the floral designs that attracted the onlookers, but the theme they carried. They are meant for office goers with simple zari borders in vibrant colours with starting from Rs.5000.

‘ Then there was Ellorukkum Pattu which is the basic range of silk saris made for all with textured zari borders. It ranges between Rs.3000 and 5000 with 20 per cent discount.

They also have wide variety of colourful hand-woven cotton silk saris which are usually preferred in summers like Kora silk-combination of both cotton and silk for daily wear purpose. The bridal collection starts Rs.53,700 and above which is paired with beautiful zari borders with silver lining coated with gold.

The process of making a sari initiates with the dying of the natural silk thread followed by weaving.

Incidentally, Co-Optex, the apex body of the handloom sector in Tamil Nadu, established in 1935 and has 203 outlets across India. Best known for its silk and cotton saris and home linen, it is engaged in modernising its retail stores to attract the younger generation.

They have recently introduced Kanavu Nanavu Thittam (Dream Come True) scheme, where customers can pay minimum Rs. 100 every month for nine months. They would get 25 per cent of the first instalment payment as free gift and 58 per cent benefit at the end of nine months. When they have completeall the instalments, they can purchase any textile product for the total amount from any Co-optex showroom in the country.

Tilak Raj, Sales Manager of Co-optex, Connaught Place said, “In October we are organising Winter Silk Mega Exhibition in Tamil Nadu Bhawan, New Delhi displaying exquisite saris since silk is in demand during winter. “.

“With the support of Tamil Nadu Government, which provide subsidies and guidance of Managing Director Of Co-optex, we are trying our best to uplift the weavers by providing them employment,” said P. Shanmugam, Product Manager Co-optex (Mumbai region). Twenty per cent discount is offered throughout the year to attract the customers.