Finding new best friend

Looking for a companion that will be your best friend too? Look at it this way, would you really want to have “bought” your best friend? Adopt a pet, but do it in a way that matters. Animals in shelters aren’t there because of any fault they may have committed. In India, a vast majority of the dogs and cats in shelters are the results of accidental or unintentional pregnancies, and are discarded or abandoned purely for their lack of a pedigree. Now that’s not quite fair is it? These dogs are attractive (though not of any pedigree) and are incredibly intelligent as well.

There is also the extremely relevant question of whether we really should be helping breeders with their cruel profiteering. Many breeders cage pedigree animals in damp, dark or poorly ventilated rooms. Breeding often occurs in a very small area, and exercise for the animals is therefore out of the question in these situations. These animals are often given drinking water only twice a day, or are fed only once, and very limited quantities, in order to ensure that they don’t get too fat, since they get no exercise, but have to breed at least twice a year. The seemingly harmless act of buying a puppy therefore has consequences that are not harmless, such as funding and driving these breeding mills.

There is an alternative approach to getting a pet: adopt one from an animal shelter or rescue group, and experience true gratitude. Let your actions mean something, and remember that when you adopt, you will be saving a life. One of my four dogs is a female I adopted when she was abandoned by her previous owners. With a little patience, she has become one of our most wonderful joys, giving us endless love, sleeping right next to me as I write this piece.

(To adopt a pet in Chennai, contact Blue Cross at or Chennai Adoption Drive at 8939311148)

Adoption This bird was rescued by Dax Memorial Animal Rehabilitation Centre (of Care Earth Trust) after being diagnosed as malnourished. He is on the path to recovery and is looking for a sponsor who can contribute to his diet and medical expenses. Call 9282123242 for details.

Take me home This one-month-old friendly kitten is available for adoption. Call 9677210119

Take me home This gorgeous three-month-old puppy and siblings are vaccinated, healthy and in search of permanent families. Call 9894848662

Take me home Spotty is a rescued puppy who is looking for a permanent loving home. Call 9500047536

Take me home Sparky and Blaze are two friendly rescued puppies looking for permanent adoptive homes. For details, call 9283390693


Adoption drive at Blue Cross sees huge turnoutSeptember 24, 2012