They say Facebook feeds narcissistic tendencies. Yeah, which is why you upload all your photos on it... especially the ones in which you look good. It doesn't matter if your friends look like the cat dragged them in. And, even if they request you not to, you still sneakily upload them and pretend as if like it happened by mistake. You believe the whole point of uploading photographs is so you can show off your new clothes, shoes or whatever it is, you want to your FB fraternity. So click photographs of yourself and tag all your FB fb friends. That way they can't miss your ‘amazing' pictures and moments. It's called Facebook. So every photo you put up must have your face on it — it doesn't matter if in your travel albums, the Eiffel Tower or Qutuab Minar is barely visible behind you.

Not only is this website your photo album, it's also your diary. So you type out every single detail as your post. “Trying out new toothpaste today.” “Had banana and cornflakes for breakfast.” Or detailed posts that read “Went for movie. had popcorn. it had too much butter so im on the treadmill now on an incline of 2. sweating it out. im tired. will go home and have breakfast and feed my doggy and then will talk to my baby boy on the phone. he is so cute i love him...” All your acquaintances have a right to know what you are up to, don't they?

You are every friend's nightmare because acuse you treat their wall as a personal space. Write about your party plans, your pals' break-up and their secrets on walls. Who cares if they don't like it? At least you saved 50 paise on messaging, right?

It's important to like people's posts. Even if they say things such as: “Threw up and have a headache.” or “Fought with my girlfriend... heading for a breakup.” You dutifully put a thumbs up on it!

Facebook is also about making friends. So you go all out, and add every single person you met or barely know, and every celebrity, celebrity look-alike, fake celebrities y as friends. Since you can only have 5,000 friends, slowly start deleting the not-so-popular friends you have. Also send constant Farmville, Mafia Wwars and other invites to friends. You are a good person. Since you've enjoyed these activities on Ffacebook, it's only natural that you share it with others.


Priyadarshini PaitandyJune 28, 2012