The recent price hike of petrol has been a shocker. Here's what a few youngsters have to say about it…

My friends and I go on road trips quite often but with the recent price hike it sounds like the death knell to my trips. I never expected the prices to go up high like this at one go. I really can't think of an alternate mode of transport for road trips. A road trip without bikes doesn't sound right to me.

HARIPRASAAD, first year student

The recent petrol price hike is a rude shock. I can't go out to play now and now I definitely must depend on my parents even more for money. The sad part is, even after I start earning most of the money will be spent on petrol.

ROHIEN CHIDAMBRAM, first year student

The two rupee roll back they are planning on is never going to work. Subsidising the prices of kerosene and diesel to support the poor only means killing the middle class. With most of us using two wheelers to reach college the recent price hike is definitely not good.


Only recently did I pick up the courage to venture out into the dangerous roads of India, and now there had to be a price hike. It's imperative I vehicle to move around the city. To reach my college my bus takes an hour and a half that kills me; my bike is the easier choice. Ironically, when I am legally allowed to drive, and have a bank account of my own the petrol prices have impaired my hopes of faster mobility. Now it's back to bus rides and walkathons.


It is too massive a hike which a that common man cannot take, considering the fact that when the global oil prices go down they do not reduce the price here. So this is unacceptable and will lead to increase in price of food and essential goods, thereby leading to inflation.


Rupee devaluing and global volatality in the oil prices gives little help to oil companies and the government. Hence, we must try to understand the rational and economics behind the decision.


After the recent hike, the city saw vehicles rushing to petrol bunks to fill fuel. This led to massive queues all over the city. I waited in what seemed to be the longest queue in Perambur and then found that a person was allowed to fill petrol for just Rs. 100. Luckily, I found another bunk at 7:00 p.m. That was the happiest moment of my life. Am waiting for an alternate source of energy.


The petrol price hike was expected. Though it was expected to be high, a Rs. 7.5 hike was too much to take in. There was always an inner urge expecting someone or something to protest against the hike. About the alternative ways of transport, buses and trains would never be as accessible and convenient as a bike. For small distances, repeated and late night trips will be difficult, especially in Chennai where night transportation is not very reliable. The bike I own doesn't give much of mileage. With the price hike now I am seriously thinking about switching to a cycle for short distance commuting.

NAVEENAN, Final year automobile engineering student

The recent petrol price hike is unreasonable. The government must at least try to cut down on the taxes. If they cannot reduce taxes they must spend our money to develop the public transport system, make it more comfortable and convenient for everyone.

CHARU SHILA, 23, working in an architecture firm

The most affected ones are going to be the middle class, lower middle class not to forget students who have to manage all their needs with the limited pocket money. The only positive aspect would be the public using the public transport to a greater extent.


I don't own a vehicle so this price rise doesn't affect me much. The autos are charging me a little more though but not very heavily, which should be expected of the current scene. I just feel the amount of hue and cry from the opposition parties is only going to worsen the situation. Though in a way it is good, it's only going to make it difficult for the government to handle it.

DIVYA THIAGARAJAN, 21, I Year, MA Communication, Madras Christian College

This rise is absolutely unfair! I suggest we all shift to diesel vehicles. There will be no rise in the price of diesel because all the lorries will go on strike. Once that happens our basic necessities will not be met. Plus the government will profit nothing as public transport will not be used if diesel prices go up. The best solution as of now would be diesel or cycles!

PRASHANTH GURUNATHAN, 22, Photographer/ Travel Scientist

I don't know the exact reasons behind the price rise though the Government says it's up to the companies but whatever the reasons, it's only going to affect the middle and low classes. The rich are not going to raise their hands against this. When the common man does, the government will reduce the price by a paise and increase it by Rs. 5 the next time. It clearly shows that we are being fooled! This rise could have some other problems as the reason behind it. Unless steps are taken to curb the rise of petrol price, it's not going be a happy life for any of us.

NIROSON S., 22, Script writer, Chennai Event Management Services

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