Images from the dance of democracy

This is that time of half a decade when our politicians scream their lungs out, punctuating their speeches with liberal doses of unrealistic promises, and of late, fake figures. Seeking votes in the name of caste, religion, region, they leave many squirming. However, there is a silver line to this relentless campaign of self-aggrandisement. Even as our leaders hog all the limelight with not little help from the media, there are others, those faceless foot soldiers, who often bring up the numbers at netas’ rallies, those men who actually believe in certain principles and want the world to come around to their way of thinking. They are the ones who bring up the sidelights of the political circus.

For evidence, stay close to any rally addressed by a political Nero, oops hero, – and these days the big-wigs seem to crawling out of cans that had a lid fixed for five years. There are souls who climb a tree to see a political leader, a wannabe prime minister, a film star, a cricketer. There are others who say it all through their attire, their clothes revealing their party preferences. Just as there are young guys and gals who go the extra yard by painting their face in the colour of their party flag. They give voice to slogans, they build up the festive mood. Most are not to be taken seriously. Almost all add to the amusement quotient of the political jamboree. And Delhi isn’t the political Capital without a reason!

In this season of elections, come down to Delhi to see what politics does to otherwise well meaning, reasoning, thinking souls! Ah! Delhi and its political sidelights!