Do people even realise how insensitive they are?

The Rain God suddenly decided to unleash the rains. Water was at its ecstatic best as drops trickled into even the tiniest of gaps and pores. So, beyond the so called protective raincoat, I was wet and so was my new scooter. But neither of us complained!

It is one thing to enjoy what was pouring from the sky, another to get drenched from head to toe by the water flooding the road.

Recently, there was this blessed soul in a four-wheeler who was giving a free wash to cars, autos and two wheelers alike; apparently, an impartial, service-minded soul. Even in the rain, my skin felt so warm from the anger that I tried returning his favour. However, he did not slow down nor did he realise his own enormous rudeness. On the contrary, he increased his pace and continued rendering the service.

I raced ahead and caught up with him at the signal and yelled. “Are you mad to be splashing water like this?”, he merely blinked at me like I had asked him to buy me an ice cream! I then understood that I had asked a question to which I knew the answer already! I sighed and left…

It is not just him but many of us who are so blissfully insensitive shielded by the comfort of our car doors, roaring engines or protected by the tagline of a government vehicle. A friend recently asked “Where is the human in every being”, and I ask, do we even deserve to “be”?

SINDHU SIVALINGAM, 22, working professional

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