Popular TV actress, Ratan Rajput on her struggle.

Ratan Rajput's story is like a dream come true. She dropped out from school because she wanted to take stage as soon a possible. She left her home in Bihar and for three years learnt theatre under Surinder Sharma in Delhi. She also learnt Kathak at Bhartiya Kala Kendra. But for her family her education was crucial. For the middle class family graduation seemed a good ticket to get her the perfect groom. Ratan says, “I left my school after seventh standard but then my mother told me that I won't get a good match if I do not complete graduation. So, for this particular reason, I completed my graduation from Patna.”

However, fate had reserved better cards for Ratan. A fun excursion to Mumbai and a chance encounter with a friend landed her an important role in the serial “Radha Ki Betiyaan Kuchh Kar Dikhaengi”, where she played the character of Chhutki. There is no looking back for Ratan ever since. Now popularly known by her screen name of Laali in the serial “Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo”, which is currently among the top rated shows on Zee TV, Ratan is a happy girl.

Sign of times

Sitting at the Zee studios in Noida, she says, “People do recognise me and at times by my real name and often ask for autographs and photographs. I feel very happy. I never get irritated by this because what and where I am today is because of them.”

However, it was not so simple or easy for Laali. She has had to sweat it out for nearly 18 hours a day and 30 days a month to be where she is today. She says, “I have not seen much of Mumbai, not even Marine Drive as whenever I get a little break I sleep without looking where I am lying. At times I feel so tired that I could sleep anywhere.”

She says her current struggle is the continuation of the process that started when she dropped out of school. “My first theatre performance was in ‘Maila Aanchal' for which I got Rs.500 after working for nearly 30 days.”

For her young fans Ratan has a message, “Never regret for what you have not done. Do whatever you are interested in and feel comfortable and confident.”