With an aim to bring out the talents of school children, Jaya TV launches a unique inter-school music competition titled, ‘Chinna Chinna Ragam,’ which will be aired on Saturdays, 8-9 p.m. from June.

Students must render songs in the following categories: patriotic, motivating, folk, with social cause and spiritual. The songs must be in Tamil. Actor Visu will anchor the show.

The selection

Spread over four days, sixteen schools will participate in the contest with 12 students representing each school. Out of the 16 schools that will participate in the competition to be held for two days (with eight schools on each day), eight will be selected for the competition on the third day. Out of these, four schools move on to the next round to be held on the fourth day. At the end of the forenoon competition session, two schools will be selected to enter the final round to be held in the evening on the same day. In the final round to be held in the evening, one school will be adjudged the winner. Eight eminent musicians (two per round) will be the judges. Each participating student and school will be awarded a memento and certificate. And the two schools that get qualified for the finals will get the winning cup as prize.