Chopped mutton: 200 gms

Coconut oil: 100 gms

Onion and tomato: 100 gms each

Ginger and garlic: 75 gms each

Grated coconut: Half cup

For Tharakkal paste:

Cardamom and green chilly: 20 gms each

Coriander seeds and saunf: 30 gms each


Saute ingredients for tharakkal and make into a fine paste. Saute onion and tomato in a frying pan till brown. Add freshly chopped mutton and cook well. Add ginger garlic paste and mutton stock and cook for 10 to 15 minutes.

Now add tharakkal paste and grated coconut.

Cook till flavor is extracted. Serve hot with rice.

Chef R. Arumugam is Executive Chef at Mankudi Restaurant on Mc Donalds Road He has 15 years of culinary experience in leading hotels in Chennai. He specialises in South Indian cuisine.