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Updated: September 25, 2012 14:42 IST

Prema Pilistondi: Self-indulgent flick

Y Sunita Chowdhary
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Still from the film 'Prema pilistondi'
Still from the film 'Prema pilistondi'

Torture has a strong foundation in movies and an inappropriate looking hero who makes his debut can be more distressing than any malady. It is very obvious from the outlandish posters and hoardings decked with flowers at the theatre and only family gathering as the audiencethat the elaborate list of character artistes, comedians and the heroine have worked only for money.

The story is weird, the acting is incompetent and the narration sleep inducing. Chalapati Rao and Sangeeta have two daughters and a son. The eldest is Subburaju, the next is Sindhu Menon and the youngest daughter is in primary school. Sindhu for some vague reason has an aversion for matters of the heart and keeps Chanti at a distance. The family thinks she is in love with him and immediately fixes up her marriage with a stranger. Angry that her studies have been stopped midway, she immediately tells Chanti that she is in love with him and wants to elope.

They marry and live out of the city but Sindhu's brother is not happy, he wants to kill Chanti. Finally when Sindhu takes poison and battles for her life at the hospital, it's up to the audience to see whether love beckons or God. There is a song for every occasion and when the director doesn't know what to do he fills up the space with illogical situations. Kondavalasa and Brahmanandam make an entry but by then it is evident the ensemble group are meant to be padding artistes in a demeaning search for a feel good finale.

Venu Madhav wears a lungi to college and one can't but help empathise with Sindhu Menon. Funny to see Subburaju losing his cool every moment; Chandramohan and Rajyalakshmi make an odd pair. This film appears very indulgent and can make an excellent home video for the hero for whom the fights, dances, romance and story has been tailor made. Stay away even if love beckons you.


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