When Pixie was born to a homeless dog a few months ago, she was nearly doomed to a life of scavenging for food-waste while risking heavy traffic. Instead, she was rescued by members of a local adoption group who vaccinated her and sent her to their adoption event.

Her doting owner Lavanya Krishnan recalls the moment she met her best friend. “We were actually looking for a slightly older dog to adopt”, she says. “But when I held this puppy in my arms, she just fell asleep. She looked so peaceful, I couldn't let her go. The feeling was indescribable. She belonged with us”.

After watching Pixie blossom into a loyal family member, Lavanya became an ambassador for the cause of homeless pet adoption. “A dog is a dog regardless of whether he's a mongrel or a pedigree. He treats you like a king and thinks of you as family. Many people have this misconception that only purebred dogs make good companions – this is totally wrong”.

She holds up Pixie as proof. “She's really obedient and intelligent”, she says, adding that the feisty mongrel is a master manipulator. “In the early days, she was very weak and we had put her on one of the bean bags at home. From that day onwards, she has never allowed us to sit on them”, she laughs. “When we sit on a bean bag, she pretends to be hungry. The moment we get up to attend to her, she jumps up to sit on it”.

She observes that her pampered pooch is adept at reading people's moods and figuring out what demands she can make. “At first, my father was a bit hesitant about adopting a mongrel. But when he came and saw her, he fell in love with her. Adoption is the greatest thing you can ever do”.

(To adopt a homeless puppy, call 7353585508)

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