Learn the steps to develop a personality

The search in Google – 288,000,000 results in 0.12 seconds for the word ‘personality.' The next search – 13,700,000 in 0.10 seconds for the words ‘personality development.' What does this mean? This means that people the world over want to know what it takes to have a balanced and powerful personality.


It is the outcome of our decisions, whether intentional, circumstantial, genetic or conditioned that determines our personality. Since we are responsible for our own personality, we also have the power to revise it at our will.

Multiple personalities

Being social beings we are forever interacting with different people in various situations, playing a number of roles. To deal with it, somewhere along the way, we superficially create many personalities, which is the offshoot of a main personality, which maybe good or sometimes damaging. So, it is very important to have a strong basic personality to manage all the other personalities that are born and die ever so often.

Step one - open mind

First of all we have to figure out if we need to change our personality?

What we need to master is how to manage these little imperfections that could mar our living and peace. Life is after all about learning, changing, reforming and transforming and it is a continuous and ongoing process.

To arrive at a decision of what needs to be changed and how much, we must have an open mind, which is honest, unbiased and clear.

So create and keep an open mind! Focus on yourself!

Step two - self awareness

Thinking is something most of us avoid. We watch TV, browse the net, send messages to friends, sleep – do anything else but think. This is because we fear what we will discover. Self awareness is the first step towards transformation. We should be completely aware about our strengths, weaknesses, flaws and so on. This means we have to take a good, long look internally.

How do we do this? The best way to do this is to write down all your qualities and make the entries in two columns – credit and debit. Now list what are your strengths that enrich your life and your weaknesses that limit you.

This may take some time but if you need a diagnosis and a cure, you need to be aware of the symptoms. So starts the wonderful journey of getting a strong and powerful personality.

(The writer is a transformation expert and can be contacted on babita@persona24carats.com/www.persona24carats.com)