Do you know that it takes the life of three Chirus (Tibetian Antelope) to make a single Shahtoosh shawl; that it takes an eight tonner for an eight-inches-ivory-showpiece; that a fashionable leather tote costs the lives of five snakes; that several snow leopards are killed to make woollen hoods? Make sure you don't sin the next time by picking a glossy leather bag with a cobra pattern or a leopard print.

The photo expo on at Gandhi Museum delves into the details of how innocent animals fall prey to selfish human fantasies. Around 45 photographs highlight various wild episodes that take place in the wild. “As part of our educational activities, we organize such expos every month. This one is to spread awareness on wildlife conservation, crimes and the laws and punishments against the issue” says A. Periasamy, Curator, Government Museum, Madurai.

Apart from photographs of poached and endangered animals like Slender Loris, Sloth Bear and Binturong, the expo also showcases photos of past instances seizing tusks, leopard tiger skins and sand boas from all over India. Every panel explains various laws and punishments like the Wildlife Protection Act 1972 and other clauses that deal with poaching.

Innovative ad posters by ‘Traffic' (The Wildlife Trade Monitoring Network) and WWF are also on display. The expo also throws light on illegal possession and hunting of sea corals, seahorses, star tortoise, ant-eaters and illegal bird trade. Jointly organized by the Gandhi Museum and the Government Museum, the expo is set to travel to surrounding districts in the coming weeks. It is on in the city till August 28 (Sunday).