Beyond Broken Lines strung together moments of peace

“The task of art is enormous. Art should cause violence to be set aside. And it is only art that can accomplish this.” Leo Tolstoy

Artists since time immemorial, through their visual narrations have constantly resisted against violence and their impressions on idiosyncrasy of violence and peace have found expression through form, colours, motifs, textures, signs and symbols. Suruchi Art Gallery's exposition titled “Beyond Broken Lines-Piece by Peace” presented these diverse expressions by some of the distinguished artists of India. Eminent Indian artists like Anupam Sud, Arpana Caur, Haku Shah, Jai Zharotia, Lalitha Lajmi, Laxma Goud, S.H.Raza, S. Harsha Vardhana, Samir Aich, Shobha Broota, Surinder Kaur, Thota Vaikuntham ,Vijay Shinde and Yusuf featured in the just concluded show at Shridharani Gallery, Triveni Kala Sangam.

The soul experienced peace and quiet as one went around the gallery, making one ponder if in these days of chaos, war and communal tensions a few sane voices can propagate peace.

The “Silence” of Jai Zharotia depicted a shehnai player with Buddha in the backdrop suggesting that absence of violence produces music of peace. Zharotia's another painting showing Mahatma Gandhi surrounded by violence yet emitting a radiance of peace reminds one of Shanthi nilavu vendum, composed by Sethumadhava Rao Shanthi nilavu vendumas a tribute to Gandhi. It says “May peace prevail in the world! Let spiritual strength grow ! That is Mahatma Gandhi's Command! With the sunlight of compassion and unity spreading……”

Buddha appears in Arpana Caur's “Compassion” where he is shedding tears while witnessing the violent incidences in the present day world.

Anupam Sud in his “Missing Note” suggests that the most important note peace is missing for the establishment of harmonious world.