With a tagline that tells you all about it, Webdefy designs and develops websites, logos, cards, posters and facebook, android apps respectively.

What is the first thought that flashes across your mind when you think of youth? For me, it’s colours; bright, attractive, happy colours! Like a canvas painted to perfection with fluorescent green guiding the way into splashes of yellow, aqua, vermilion, blue and orange. With the presence of black and white, of course! This is the look of webdefy.org.

Team Work

During an internship three youngsters, Russel Nickson, Maharaj M.A. and Mohanavigneshwaran, decided to start a business of their own . The next thing they did was to loop in more friends.

Projects initially came from their college; they began with cultural(s), workshops, symposiums and the like. Cards and brochures was their first expenditure, money for this came from their first project for their intra-collegiate cultural, Zeppelin. “KCG College of Technology has been a great support. Working for our college’s events gave us the confidence,” says Russel, as the team nods in approval.

The city is flooded with design schools that churn out a lot of youngsters with a degree/diploma in design. Design-based companies are found on every street. So, what makes Webdefy stand out?

“We don’t take too many projects at the same time and we do not rush with the work. We take time and focus on our client’s user face. We discuss and ensure they get want they wanted.”

Their priority is quality, not so much money. Webdefy has Russel as its Managing Head, Maharaj as Creative Head is the man behind the innovative designs along with Sripadh. Mohan, ‘The Code Freak’, is the Developer and Nishant does all the talking as the Marketing and Sales Manager.

The idea of entrepreneurship soon after college is considered a daring decision by many who ask “What next?” to a final year student. All Webdefy members left people baffled with their answer.

Though their circle of friends was a source of immense support and encouragement, convincing parents that this was as good as any other career choice was not easy. However they pushed on with help from Praveen and Crimson. “We had nothing to lose; a fall didn’t matter much because that too taught us something.”

A different vision

May 2 marks the first anniversary of Webdefy. They have successfully completed over 20-odd projects. Ask them what kept them going and together, they say “love and friendship”. Knocks on their door for venture partnership, which could have given them an easy way into the world of MNCs, were turned down. They wish to stay small in number but grow in work and achievement to keep their friendship intact.

When one of the norms of business has been, “Friends and business don’t mix!” here is an organisation run by youngsters proving that statement wrong. To friendship, love, happiness, productivity and Webdefy – Cheers!


Visit Webdefy: www.webdefy.org

Call: Russel Nickson: 98947 20101

Nishant Chopra: 99629 67545