Ten songs, UV effects, whole eight minutes of excitement, high energy and amazing stunts executed to perfection — the 12-member team from Loyola College were a ‘Dream Team’ indeed.

The winners of the first edition of The Hindu NXg Campus Jive are a mix of Ist to IIIrd years as well as post-graduates who have won 23 of the 25 competitions they have participated in so far. And they are their own chorographers.

“We see a lot of YouTube videos and pick stuff from there and improvise” explains Srikanth, a team member. But what gave them the edge over other teams? “We always try to make ends meet — our strengths and the audience’s expectations. We made sure we had a mix of formations, sequences and stunts that would leave an impact on the audience and, of course, power and co-ordination were also important,” says he.

Now that they have won quite a heavy bag of cash for prize, they don’t plan to split it among themselves like it’s only natural to assume. They want to donate some to their college for being supportive and giving them permission to go out and perform “while the others are in class”.

The team also wants to donate a part towards charity and the rest will go to the bank to help fund any of their not-so-well-off team members’ education and also pay their team travel and other expenses incurred during participation in other events.

Now, that’s what’s called being true to their name — the Dream Team.

The team

R. Srikanth

R. Navakanth









Prashanth Antony



Friday night fever! September 3, 2009

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