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Updated: May 5, 2010 15:43 IST

P.S. I love you

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A hug is all it takes to say
A hug is all it takes to say "I Love you, Ma".

NXg readers put down their love for their mothers and share it with the rest of us.

A blessing named mother

My mom has always been a bundle of energy and enthusiasm. Cradling me when I was small to counsel me now that I'm stepping into the final year of engineering, my mother has always been supporting me through thick and thin. She has been by my side when I needed her. She gives me a small pat on my back which makes me feel great. She speaks against dad when he scolds me. She is the best cook in the whole world. She slaps me hard when I go wrong. I love her simply because she is my mom.

The fact that she manages to juggle managing the house and her profession with equal enthusiasm and dedication is something that leaves me awe struck even today. She looks upon every batch of students who come under her as her own children. That makes me the proud sister of a few hundred young people out there!!! The fact that they too call her as their mom is indeed enchanting.

My mom taught me the importance of honesty. She made me understand the power of prayer. She made sure I learnt the value of hard work. She let me chase my dreams. She has been a friend with whom I could confide my deepest secrets and fears. She taught me to let go of my inhibitions and she believes that I can conquer the world.

I still remember the night when she tucked me into bed, hugged and kissed me and said, “there is only one pretty child in the world and every mother has it!”

C. PARVATHY, III Year, Agriculture and Irrigation engineering, College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University Chennai


A great friend

It was an unforgettable evening when I sat alone in the corner of my room and pondered about my strenuous mundane works. It was when I started thinking about my mom, my best role model. My mind was obsessed with stress and strain of day to day jobs.. I just switched on my mobile and called up my mom. I was surprised that I became chirpy and cheerful in a jiffy. Yeah, this makes my mom a humdinger. She is an epitome of love, affection and everything else. She is my best critic and my best pal. She used to be my chauffeur when I attended music classes as a child. We gossip a lot and confabulate about the nitty gritty of all current affairs. I thank God for being bestowing me with a priceless gift in life — my mother. Proud to be your daughter, mom!

S. PADMAVATHY, III Year IT, Madras Institute of Technology, Anna University


It's in her eyes

When I engage myself in the most interesting and entertaining time pass – teasing my sister –my mom enters the scene of crime and breaks up the enjoyable moment by giving me a scary, bone chilling and blood curdling stare. And then when I manage to make up a most satisfying, reasonable and agreeable cover-up story for my mistakes she somehow detects the loophole in it and gives a kind of suspicious, questioning look and I again avoid meeting her eyes fearing that she would read my mind through my eyes. At times when the situation is too delicate to be spoken out she gives an imploring look which I understand though I am not good at reading eyes. And sometimes when no one believes my word she gives me a calculating and ‘Dumbledore'-ish look and declares that I am speaking the truth. And when I let her down, she gives a sad and disappointed look which is far worse than an angry outburst that I feel myself shrinking with shame. And when someone praises me, pride, happiness and satisfaction burns in her eyes that I feel energy spreading through me as if I had consumed some stimulant.

All in all, in addition to the various expressions, a mother's eyes bear tons of love for her children which cannot be hidden by the various masks she wears. So salutations to all the mothers on the earth and under the sun and to their affectionate eyes which jumps between various expressions.

VAISHNAVIMURTHY, Std XII, New Prince Matriculation Higher Secondary School


Express love

I don't know whether my mother is happy with me. I'm no good at sports and am only an average student (thank God for that). Hence I don't know whether she's proud of me. But one thing I know is that she loves me for who I am. I agree to the fact that the purity of love is seen in a woman who has attained motherhood. I am grateful to God for having such a mother, yet my pride is not over me but over my mother.

Why waste time till the end to express our love to our parents. I know we all love them; it's just that some of us our quite embarrassed to express it. It's surely not below our dignity to express ourselves. I am sure that a hug will do the magic.

DYNA ALBERT, Std X, Good shepherd


The perfect influence

One of life's greatest gifts to me is my mother. She is the epitome of perfect motherliness. She's a whiz at house-keeping, which leaves us all exhausted when she is ill. She is all that a perfect mother should be - caring, affectionate, extremely friendly and what not. She devotes almost all her time for her family. She has both directly and indirectly taught me so much about life. Having grown up watching her manage the house, I wish to be like. I'm sure she has a great influence on the kind of person I am now and will become in future. Today, I would like to tell my mother that she'll always have my unconditional love and support throughout my life.

NANDITHA RAVINDAR, Std XII, Leo Matric Higher Secondary School


Support system

My mom has been one person who has influenced me in every single aspect of life. Being an emotionally strong woman with a no-nonsense attitude she has definitely passed almost all her traits to me. More than a mom she has always been this best friend and a support system for me. Since both of us love a good movie, I think this Mother's Day I am going to gift her a collection of movies she loves. This Mother's Day, mom , I want you to know that you are the best thing that happened to me in my life and that I cant ask for more!

NANDHITHA HARIHARAN, Std XI, Chettinad Vidyashram


Coolest friend

Apart from looking like twins, my mother and I share a bond that's so special that one day is definitely not enough to celebrate it. She has put up with all my quirks and has never stopped me from doing anything that I wanted, especially when I wanted to do something different with my studies. Besides being one of the most popular teachers in the school I studied, She's been more of a friend, philosopher and guide to everyone and is my inspiration in life. I definitely wish to grow up into my mother. Here's to one of the coolest mothers ever and most importantly my best friend!

POORVAJA S., Ist Year, B.A.English, Women's Christian College


Gift a smile

My mother has always been my source of inspiration in my life. I will gift her with a sweet smile on that day, which is what every mother expects from a child. And the special gift I would like to present her is a diamond ring.


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