The disparities and truth behind the zeros ...

News channels are going gaga over the heavy packages IIT students are bagging. One particular channel actually conducted a debate on whether IITians deserve the heavy packages they are being offered. It is frustrating for other students from IIT when the elite few, who hit the jackpot, are considered representative of the whole IIT clan.

It is projecting a wrong picture to outsiders. Parents are under the false impression that all IITians get Rs.80 lakh packages. This creates undue pressure on others to bag similar offers. The reality is most students get an offer between Rs.6-10 lakhs per annum.

Some consider that IITians are paid more than they deserve. People should understand that these companies are not stupid and they hire people only if they are worth it. Most students who get such offers deserve it. We have this ludicrous tendency to convert dollars into rupees. These jobs are outside India where the cost of living is exorbitant. A Rs.20 lakh package in India is much better than these $150k packages outside.

Some parents actually want to send their wards to IITs seeing the buzz created by media over the few hefty packages some students are bagging.

My request to all parents is: do not expect your child to get that hefty package just cause he is an IITian.

Ch. Aditya, IIT-Madras