Cast: Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron...

The much awaited sci-fi thriller is here. Ridley Scott has proved himself yet again, by doing a fantastic job. Who created us? Where are we from? The film goes on to answer such basic questions with aliens on the forefront.

In search of answers

The film starts off well with the so called Engineers (the aliens who created humans)sacrificing one of them to create the human race. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) play the lead roles of scientists, who discover the cave paintings on the Isle of Skye which leads them to the Engineers(our makers).

And during the process not everything goes as planned. David (Michael Fassbender) plays the role of an android of the ship. Who is capable of breaking all the alien codes and helping the team move forward. And at one stage, David also pollutes Hollaway's drink which makes us wonder, how could a robot develop such human instincts of an offensive act. Shaw becomes pregnant with Hollaway's infected sperms and Shaw's baby grows into an immense creature with huge tentacles.

At the end, only Shaw survives the mission who along with David goes on to find the origin of the Engineers(which would probably be “Prometheus II”).

Perfect cast

The cast was well picked and everyone had done justice to their roles. At this point I should also mention about Charlize Theron's role as Meredith Vickers, who plays an icy corporate and monitors the expedition. The film in 3D is definitely a feast for your eyes.

Bottomline: A fascinating and an entertaining movie which takes you into a different dimension. And a must watch for all alien lovers.

KRITHI GNANASEKARAN, III Year, B.E. CSE, Jeppiaar Engineering College.

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