E-books do not have the same impact as regular books…

It would not be surprising if we can create our own pets one day. Today, we seem to depend more on our computers than our human brain. For instance, our parents’ memory would be so sharp that they can remember about 50 phone numbers. But now some people stammer when asked for their phone number and reach for their mobile phones.

Looks like one can even find the Hogwarts School from Harry Potter but it is quite hard to find something untouched by the hands of technology.

Books have been the ultimate knowledge tool for ages, only that it changed form from papyrus, scrolls, paintings and stone inscriptions. But today we find it in the form of tablets and Androids.

Reading is a wonderful hobby which when cultivated can polish our grey cells. Reading books, especially fiction, gives us immense pleasure as most of the authors keep the readers enthralled by saving a mystery for every page. But this cannot be enjoyed while reading e-books. The scent of the new paper in books is refreshing.

M. ROHINI, XI B, T.S.T. Rajah Girls Matriculation Higher Secondary School

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