Parikrama’s Subir Malik talks about the band’s music, its two-decade journey and about performing in Chennai.

IIT-Saarang’s NXg Rockstar was a special night, with mobile phones doubling up as candle-sticks and the OAT lit up with more than just cheering crowds. Parikrama, the Delhi-based rock band, set the stage ablaze with a high-energy performance and had rock fans enjoying both adrenaline-thumping numbers as well as soul-stirring tunes like the beautiful violin solo that left the entire amphitheatre enthralled.

How is it playing in Chennai? What do you think about the music scene here?

Chennai is always a treat to play in and, to top it off, we are playing at IIT-Madras, so it’s double the joy. Chennai has a great and vibrant music scene, and has genius musicians. From Rahman to Moksha, you have it all.

What are Parikrama’s most recent influences?

Well, our influences have been Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Doors, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, AC/DC… For many, they still hold; although, a few in the band have been listening to Porcupine Tree lately.

Fusion music is suddenly big with Indian melodies being infused with western sensibilities, even though Parikrama has been doing this for a while.

Yes, we’ve had a violin and tabla player since 1991. We have a policy of live and let live, so whatever works for anyone and they are happy.

Having been in the industry for over two decades, how has independent music in India evolved?

This is the best period for music in India; corporations have come in, and there are loads of places for bands to play: pubs, festivals, colleges… We have never seen so many great bands emerge, as we have seen in recent times. Also, the age group of great musicians is becoming younger and that’s brilliant for the industry.

Any words of advice for budding musicians in India?

There is no substitute to hard work, keep your egos out of the band, do not take drugs, be humble and grounded , think of tomorrow and work towards it, drink loads of beer (after the show), cheers!