Movie: Thillalangadi

Cast: Jeyam Ravi, Tammanah, Shaam

Remakes prompt comparisons. Jeyam Raja is not new to this scenario. “Thillalangadi” which is a remake of the Telugu flick “Kick” can be better stated as a perfect remake.


Although the Telugu film is a hit among the masses, the director who is known for his remakes seems to have lost out as far as the acting of the main characters is concerned. Or we can say the lead pair have tried too hard to copy the ones in the original version. Too many songs in the film disturb the attention of the viewer who finds it hard to keep up with the flow.

The story revolves around Krishna (Jeyam Ravi) who does anything that gives him a pep in life which he terms as ‘kick'. He is uncertain of the things he does because of this attitude and finally finds the permanent ‘kick' he has been searching for all along.

People around him are affected indirectly because of his attitude, particularly his love-interest Nisha (Tammanah) but his parents look at it from a positive perspective. When Krishna Kumar (Shaam), a cop, gets engaged to Nisha, a twist in the plot makes the screenplay go haphazard.

Talent wasted

Overacting by some of the characters in the movie is one of the biggest drawbacks in the film although in some places it makes the viewer sit up only to be disappointed.

Although the film has a huge star cast, not all the stars have been used to the fullest, all being big-time actors.

Bottomline: The film is an entertaining package packed with confusion and many small errors.

GEETHA BHARATHI K., II Year, M.A Journalism and Mass Communication, SRM University


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