Follow the saga of Zoey Redbird in the world of vampires and discover that all is not what it seems.

P.C Cast is a proficient author of romantic fantasy and paranormal literature. And she is not alone in her world of fantasy – her daughter Kristin Cast shares an equal part in her writing. Together this mother-daughter team is creating a fine mélange with their series The House of Night.

Entering a new world

As the title suggests, the series takes you to a new land of mysteries and whims; to the world of Zoey Redbird, a 16-year-old girl who is “marked” as a vampire by Nyx, the goddess of vampires. Marked with a crescent moon on her forehead, Zoey changes from a normal school girl to a vampire. She leaves her family and enters the world of The House of Night, the vampire finishing school that will train her to become an adult vampire.

Marked is about how she does her best to survive in this new world. The Casts have created a wonderful world where vampires really exist and they are usually some of the most successful people in the world. She makes friends as well as enemies in her new vampire world when she falls for school heartthrob Erik Night. Aphrodite, a charming and popular older student, makes her life miserable but Zoey is not weak-willed. In Marked, the Casts hint that evil is not always dark just as light does not always mean goodness.

Betrayed shows Zoey settling down in the House of Night. She now feels that she belongs there. She has also gained gifts from Nyx and made friends like Damien and Stevie Rae her roommate.

Unexpected twistsShe also has two boyfriends now, Erik and her human ex-boyfriend Heath Luck, whom she has imprinted. But Zoey’s life takes an unexpected turn when human teens, especially those she knew from her earlier life, start being killed. All the evidence points to the House of Night. Just when her life is in danger and she badly needs her friends her best friend Stevie Rae dies.

Zoey is now forced to look at the other side. She discovers the culprit behind the killings.

In Chosen, she finds that those who seemed like friends are now her enemies and those whom she thought were her enemies are good to her. Zoey also discovers her friend Stevie is ‘undead’ but Zoey has no clue how to help her. Anything Stevie and she discover should be kept under wraps for they can’t trust anyone in the House of Night.

Good introduction

The series is a good way to introduce those principles that teens normally roll their eyes at. So that in itself makes this an incredibly powerful series. Age is no bar, anybody who loves fantasy can pounce on these books.

Title: The House of Night

Author: P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Publisher: Atom

Price: £5.99

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