With the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5S and 5C, youngsters debate the brand’s features and that of its latest offering. Payal Chhabria listens in...

At the top

When people speak of Apple, they already have certain set notions in their mind about the brand. The brand has raised the bar so high that people naturally expect to see something newer and better, in every device the brand launches. The credibility and reliability displayed by the brand, over the years, is inimitable. I wonder how many know that Apple is the only phone that can never get infected by virus. So, being at the top is just a resultant of all that. However, having said that, this idea of foraying into the budget phones’ space is a marketing gimmick to keep pace with the Android market. And whether that works in its favour or not, only time will tell! - Ghansham Kinger, 22, student of MBA

Survival of the fittest

The iPhone was once a novelty and reigned supreme as the smart phone king. However, it is rather deceiving to see every hyped launch give rise to a device that so closely resembles its predecessors, except for a few hardware upgrades, maybe. It’s time they took note of the fierce competition that surrounds them and enhanced their technology, before it’s too late and they lose the game altogether. - Teena Mary Thomas, 22, Architect


Among young people particularly, a mobile phone that is high on style effortlessly wins over one that is high on substance. This is not to say that Apple lacks style aspect, but the brand’s display of style and glamour is subtle and sophisticated. Nokia and Samsung, on the other hand, are fanciful and jazzy, and hence, naturally attract more buyers easily. The launch of a budget phone is just an attempt to keep pace with the rest of the players. - Divya S., 22, Videographer

Competitive pricing

I don’t use an iPhone, but in my opinion, it is easily one of the best devices available. I’m sure that a whole bunch of people like me are keen to possess the phone, but unfortunately, due to budget constraints, only some can afford the luxury of an iPhone. Thanks to the brand foraying into the budget-phone category, that will not be the case any more. Though the phone is still on the expensive side, it is certainly not unaffordable. And that is great, isn’t it? - Varun C., 24, RJ

Bettering itself

The most integral criterion for every smart phone is its processor. And that is something that Apple has — an A Class processor. Android may have some great features, but that does no good, because its processor is weak. Apple too, of late, is trying to ape and better its features; with its latest finger print identification possibility, for instance… However, that is merely an attention-seeking strategy, particularly to keep pace with the over-abundance of interesting features that a smart phone of another brand offers. - S. Harish Kumar, 22, Accounts Executive

Brand loyalty

Apple has a loyal clientele that will possibly always stay faithful to it. Of course, the brand has a whole bunch of amazing and noteworthy traits that one can rave about. On the other hand, it has the inevitable flip side. The battery life is poor; unlike other Android phones, its features aren’t free; thirdly, it is restrictive in several aspects. For instance, I cannot share data with a friend who does not have an iPhone, which can be quite painful because I cannot expect all my friends to own one. But unlike the latest series of coloured phones that come in all shapes and sizes, the iPhone looks neat, charming, sophisticated and classic. And that I feel should certainly remain intact! - Varun M., IT Professional, 22

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