What’s your definition?

I was travelling by bus last week and I overheard a conversation between a gang of high school girls, donning relationship expert roles and giving advice to a girl who was apparently single, and ready to mingle.

“Too bad you don’t have a boyfriend yet! What about Anubhav? What about Karthik? Just try any one of them and see who fits no? This is the age to learn everything (with special modulation effects) and have fun! Go ahead.”

But no, I wasn’t shocked by the subject of their conversation, but just felt that this is one subject of concern that has to be addressed. Over the years, the concept of Love has changed completely! People go out looking for love! Or is it really love which they are after?

Going by their conversation, it is the by-products of love for which they are desperate. Such a relationship, with no love and only desires and needs to be fulfilled, will not last even for a short time. And what’s more, the scars they leave are too excruciating. But such scars will not only affect you, they also affect your parents for something that you did.

If good things like long lasting love are destined to happen, it happens on its own accord. You don’t go searching for that. You just have to wait for the right moment. Why can’t you? Are you old already? And here’s to those who, after reading this, are muttering under their breaths asking me to mind my own business, I just have one question which I challenge you to answer boldly: “Are you so desperate?”

Janani. V., B.E. CSE, College of Engineering, Guindy

Keywords: LoveTeen issues