When chocolate comes on a platter and all that you can order is only chocolate, then it's very likely that you can get addicted!

As kids, all of us have imagined and yearned for a world that is complete with chocolate, more chocolate and only chocolate! Well, I had been to such a world recently, and trust me, it was bliss!

On the menu

The Chocolate Room is a café in Velachery, which has a menu that overflows with chocolate dishes. Ever heard of chocolate pizzas and chocolate pancakes? Oh well, I've had them! This place is every chocoholic's fantasy, offering a wide range of choices to choose from and confusing you thoroughly! My brother, my friend and I spent almost forty-five minutes arguing on what to order. Finally, we settled for ‘the devil's own' and ‘a melted pot'. Since we couldn't resist, we opted for a ‘chocolate mess' as well. When our dishes arrived, that's when we realized we'd made a real mess! Ordering for three was a BIG mistake. No doubt, the chocolate melted in our mouths but it was impossible to eat those three, humungous dishes. When we finally washed down all of that with water, I got hyper. I started bouncing around and laughing for no reason at all. My brother started to mimic me and my friend got really tense; she thought that we were high on chocolate. Though I'm almost sure its not entirely possible yet a small part of me still believes that we got high that day. And I'd really like to say that alcohol isn't the only addictive and intoxicating substance in this world; there is another devil to give it competition and it's chocolate!

Aashika is a Std X student of D.A.V Girls Senior Secondary School, Gopalapuram


How to be a chocoholicMay 4, 2010

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