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Updated: February 24, 2010 19:43 IST

Good hair day, everyday

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Staright is in: Hassle-free maintenance.
Courtesy: MATRIX
Staright is in: Hassle-free maintenance.

MANE MATTERS: Poker- straight hair is ‘in' but make sure you maintain it by using only suitable professional products.

How many times have you craved for the perfect hairstyle? How many times have you thrown away the comb in anger wondering when you would ever get rid of those knots? And how many times have you woken up praying for a good hair day? The answer is an obvious – “innumerable times!”

One of the solutions to a perfect, problem-free hair would be to go in for straightening. Straightening gives you the added advantage of letting your hair fall straight effortlessly, hardly ever knots up and will remain the same way even after you wake up. But, like other treatments, straightening too needs to be taken care of especially to make sure treated hair stays healthy and does not get dry and brittle.

Experts at Matrix tell you how and why.

Why professionals?

Hair straightening is a very technical service and it's advisable to get it done only by a professional. Permanent straightening product should never be applied to the scalp. One has to keep it at least 1.5 cms away from the scalp. The application has to be quick and the hair has to be maintained straight throughout the service to avoid waves and frizz.

A good rinse-out of the straightening crème from the hair is extremely important, as also the ironing of thin sections before the neutralising.

Specialised products

A professional range has been designed specifically to care for the needs of straightened or rebounded hair. Its intense formulae blend ingredients like Shea butter, Silk amino acids and Apricot kernel oil to help condition the hair, repair damage and smooth frizz for healthy, sleek hair with hi-gloss shine.

Tips and things to do at home…

Hair is more delicate when chemically straightened and has special needs. Straightened or Rebounded hair, if not properly cared for, can turn dry and brittle causing frizz, breakage and split ends.

Use a smoothing shampoo which will take care of the cleansing part as the Silk amino acids and Shea butter soften texture, tame frizz, improve manageability and add shine. A smoothing conditioner will ensure detangling problems as it moisturises with ingredients like Apricot kernel oil and Shea butter. This also adds intense smoothness for frizz-free sleek hair.

An intense smoothing mask will treat your hair as it's enriched with Shea butter and Silk amino acids and this mask intensely conditions the hair to smooth texture and discipline frizz, leaving hair soft, sleek and manageable.

The use of split end serum is a light and non-greasy formula infused with Apricot kernel oil and Shea butter to repair frayed tips and help prevent split ends.

Treatments to opt for at parlours

Make sure to go at least once a month for a spa treatment and to tell your analyst that your hair has been straightened and that you would require a smooth and seal treatment Also, regular deep conditioning is a must for hair that is chemically straightened. The smooth and seal service nourishes parched hair and smoothens it, while protecting the hair from future damage. It combines the intense nourishment of the mask and sealing properties of the split end serum to give you replenished silky-smooth hair.

How long does it last and when should you go in for re bonding?

The longevity of a straightening or rebonding depends on the home care regime and regular in-salon treatments. One will need to get a re-touch done when the new re-growth is about four to six inches, which will happen in about eight to 12 months.

Do's and don'ts post a straightening service…

Do not shampoo or wet your hair for 72 hours after a straightening or rebonding service.

Using hair clips, pins, bands etc can create bends and stress points in the hair, which can lead to dents in the straightness or even cause breakage.

After a straightening and rebonding service wait for a minimum of 14 days before applying any permanent hair colour.

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