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I'm going to enter my pre-final year and I still have issues with the staff in college. They provoke me at every chance they get. It’s only the lecturers and the lab assistants behave such. I even asked them upfront as to why they behave with me that way, to which they replied saying I do not score well and that I am always seen with boys. They are not ready to hear any of my explanations. Later I found out that a girl in my class who has been spreading bad opinions about me. Since I’m in a deemed university I’m forced to handle the situation in a friendly manner, but that doesn’t seem to work. How do I make things better for me?


How terrible that the staff in your college are taking their personal prejudices out on you. You should be treated as fairly as the other students. Unfortunately, at this point, the best thing to do is to keep your head down. If the teachers are against you interacting with boys, avoid them in class and meet them only off-campus. Ignore the girl who you think is bad-mouthing you and your classmates. The reason I haven’t suggested bringing this issue up with your HOD is because you don’t know what his/her attitudes are like — maybe he/she will agree with your lecturers and look down upon your academic performance and your interaction with boys. You’re still in the HOD’s and Asst. HOD’s good books. Try to maintain this and look for ways to redeem yourself in the eyes of your lecturers and lab assistants too. For instance, offer to help the lecturer with data entry for a study they’re working on; thank the lab assistants whenever the offer help, so that they know that you appreciate their work. And of course, concentrate on improving your grades. These actions will definitely make a difference to their opinion of you.

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