With books, movies, fashion, music and sports covered, can games be far behind? Sharan M compiles the top five games all set to release in 2012.

BioShock Infinite

You've played underwater, so what would the next logical step be? Conquer the skies, of course! BioShock Infinite will have you zipping around the floating city of Columbia — something that was supposed to be the pride of America. But as most things in life, things don't go too well in the long run and the place has now disappeared into the clouds with stories of crazy inmates doing the rounds. As Booker DeWitt, you will attempt to tame this wonderland and in the process, find a girl named Elizabeth. Releasing on all major platforms.

Max Payne 3

The Max Payne series has always had a special place in our hearts. The stylish third-person shooter that gave the world a complex and thrilling story is now set in modern day Sao Paulo, Brazil. Working for a private security firm, Payne must fight his way through Brazilian gangs to clear his name with only his guns to trust. With an enhanced levelling system, cover mechanics and the return of the legendary “Bullet Time”, Max Payne 3 certainly has fans salivating. Releasing on all major platforms.

Kinect: Star Wars

I'll admit I'm making a huge gamble here by placing this title in the top five, but if developers Terminal Reality and Lucasarts manage to pull it off, this could be one of those game-changing events. Taking advantage of Kinect's motion/gesture/voice-sensing capabilities, K: SW will attempt to provide an experience no “Star Wars” fan would want to miss. Pod Racing, Rancor rampage and Lightsaber duels? Count me in! Releasing for the Xbox 360 and requires Kinect.

The Last Guardian

Not much is known of this mystery title. But ever since it was revealed, it has been instantly catapulted to the top of almost every PS3 owner's wish list. Why? It is being made by the same guys who gave the world ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. Trailers and reports indicate that the game will have some of the finest visuals ever to hit consoles. Throw in developer SCE Studios' famed ability to allow the player to emotionally connect with the characters and you have a masterpiece in the making. Releasing for the PS3.

Diablo 3

Diablo. Enough said. But for the ignorant few, here's more: From the famed offices of Blizzard Entertainment, the latest instalment in the legendary Diablo series has gamers returning to Sanctuary. Touted as the finest RPG series to grace the PC, Diablo 3 shall attempt to continue the fine tradition of it's predecessors by providing a deep narrative, hardcore RPG mechanics and an enhanced levelling system among others. With the addition of new classes and featuring companions, Diablo 3 should be on every PC (and MAC) gamers' wish list. Initially releasing on PC and MAC.

Sharan is a final year B.E student at RMK College of Engineering and Technology.


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