It was Sunday morning and I found an old book while cleaning my house. It was my grandpa's favourite; after browsing through the pages I found it very interesting and with many new words. That was the day I took an oath that everyday I would read at least two pages from any book.

Engaging the reader

I think reading a book can take you to unknown heights. A book is a collection of beautiful words strung into meaningful sentences. A writer needs to have complete knowledge about the subject to write a book. A writer must be able to answer all the questions that arise in the reader's mind and there lies the success of the book. Many say that practical knowledge is always better than bookish knowledge. But imagine a world without books! A book is always a good friend. The level of interest that a book evokes, however, lies in the style of writing. The habit of reading is a stress-removing factor. It must be inculcated in children at an early stage so that they can select books of their own taste.

Start afresh

A book must have an introduction with interesting lines and must have a dramatic end. This would push a reader to buy a new book by the author he or she has already read. Be it any subject; science, history, philosophy, every book will have its own new words, thoughts and ideas poured in by the contributors. April 23 was WORLD BOOK DAY. Why not we spend our pocket money on books? A different way of shopping isn't it?

J.Gayathri, PGDIB, Pondicherry University.

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