Some fashion faux pas that get you attention for all the wrong reasons...

Along comes Friday and we get into the party mode; our brain replaying only one thought — wardrobe contents. When you are standing in front of your open closet and thinking of ‘what to wear', have you ever pondered about ‘what NOT to wear'? Each of us has our individual style sense that some might find funky, quirky, demure or sometimes totally ‘out', but there is a universal style radar that all of us style divas have to adhere by. Trinny and Susannah, the designer duo who appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, have created a rage in the fashion world making us all scamper to hide our fashion disasters. Unlike most stylists who rant about what one must include in their dressing, they speak about wardrobe must-not-haves which are actually more essential while grooming!

Flaunt it right

Your body type actually plays a pivotal role in your retail therapy. Women on the heavier side should avoid stretchy fabric and stick to cotton or linen as it tends to fall straight without taking on the body shape. Those with big hips must wear trousers or jeans that are low waist and with a flare (no skinny jeans) to break the view of the butt. Those unfortunates with huge arms, say bye-bye to strappy tops and use sleeves; cap, elbow length, 3/4th or full to get a slimmer look. The trick is to direct attention to a body part that you want to show off instead.

Trend alert

It is a trend truth that fashion isn't about following the latest fads but playing mix-n-match in your spunky way to adorn garments better. There are, however, some fashion guffaws that everyone must avoid especially when under public scrutiny. Wearing that red pyjama with an electric green vest at home is okay! Gone are the days of the LBD (little black dress) — wearing a garment of one plain colour is so passé. Infuse colour in your clothes to bring out your best features! But remember some colours depend upon your skin tone. Someone with a darker complexion must avoid orange and reds, as it makes you appear even darker. A person with a pale skin tone should avoid pastels as it will accentuate your paleness. Matching is so last season; teaming the same colour bag, shoes and accessories with your outfit gets you a big fat zero in the style test.


Today's metro-sexual man loves his attire and choice while shopping. Even with fewer options, men can go horrendously wrong with the basics. Colour co-ordination tops the fashion list; stick to basics like black, brown, beige and navy for your trousers and match them with pastels like pink, yellow, green and white for work. The party mode can have you experiment with accessories like a bright pair of shoes or a funky hair band. Earrings, highlights and hair straightening are some things that should be left just for the girls!

Insider tip

Rasika Wakalkar, celebrity stylist, gives her style take on fashion glitches, “I always pay more attention to the insides since that can totally make or spoil your final look. Your undergarments play a very important role when you dress. Majority of women in India don't wear the right bra or cup size so, either the bust is tight and flattened or it's sagging; even the bra clasp is riding high, which should indicate the wrong fit. While wearing body hugging clothes, take extra care to wear a thong so that your panty line doesn't show and a strapless bra while wearing a tube top/outfit.” The bottom line being, when in doubt, always under dress rather than over dress and remember: just keep it simple, you'll never go wrong with that!


Timeless fashionMay 26, 2010

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