An empty pocket should not come in the way of your having fun in the last weekend of the month. Rock with friends even if there is nothing left in your wallet.

It's the last weekend of the month. All of us are down to single denominations; waiting eagerly for the first day of next month to see our salaries/pocket money.

Whatever little is left with you should be kept put for dire emergencies. So how will you survive an entire weekend without spending a single buck and yet manage to have some fun? Here's how.

Statutory Warning: Those lacking a sense of humour do not read.


Weekend means outside food, we try and stick to our diet like good boys and girls weeklong, so weekend comes and our taste buds wanna catch a break too.

Gurudwaras generously organise langars or free kitchens that provide free delicious vegetarian meals. Everybody is welcome.

Enroll for a free-of-cost 10 day Vipassana course where meals are included. Skip the other days if the concept doesn't appeal after your tummy is full.

Party time!

Party hotspots fill up on weekends, but what about the painful entry fee? Coax a couple of influential friends to get you on to a guest list, or use your conversational skills to warm up to the bouncers (they are actually the ones that count most).

Most clubs offer free entry for women, so ladies can party although you might have to leave your men behind! Once in, let the music wash over you and use your feet; don't head to the bar.

Tune in

For music-lovers, a Music Society is your calling. Or your big brother knows an upcoming local rock band? Promise them a big crowd — gather everybody you know, and they might just pick up their instruments.


The confessed retail addict, shopping is a pre-dominant part of your weekend, we know!

Many malls have ongoing promotions like the buy one get one free kind; convince your friend she just ‘has to have' that mirror-worked corset, so you can get yours without losing a dime.

Another alternative would be to swipe your card.

'Hair' I come

Need those ends trimmed urgently, or want those highlights asap for that big date! Many salons and beauty schools have trainee students who need models to work on to learn their craft.

It might not be the best haircut, or the trendiest streak, but, hey, it's absolutely free!

Go for damage control once your wallet is full again.


Either the heat is beating into our cells or the rain is pounding down on us. In both cases air-conditioned indoors is your escape. But where can you camp for free? Our humongous malls and multiplexes! And if you're worried about that big parking amount, just park your vehicle outside, or in an adjacent lane and walk there.

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