A vicious cycle of blaming each other for a mistake…

It was a cloudy day. Everybody was going to work with a gloomy face. And I was one among them. I was sad because my parents scolded me for to my poor performance in the exams. I called out to a share auto and got in, only after which I noticed a MTC bus at the stop I had been waiting. I cursed myself for missing a free ride in the bus.

Suddenly, I saw people getting out of the bus — some weeping and some having serious discussions in the middle of the road. There had been an accident.

I got down from the share auto to see the scene just like everybody else. A 15-year-old boy had slipped from the footboard and was run over by the bus. It was all over in a blink of the eye. I couldn’t see anymore; my body began to tremble. Some people in the crowd were cursing the boy, while some were crying for him. But whose mistake was it?

The boy seemed to be from an economically disadvantaged family that could only afford for him to travel by bus. And is it not also Government's fault not running enough public buses? Even then, lots of buses on the road would cause worse traffic jams during peak hours and teachers fine and punish the students for coming late. But again, teachers are not the ones to be blamed.

Ultimately, everyone must have some empathy for others.

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