John Mayer

Genre: Rock/Pop, Folk

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It's ‘Battle Studies' now, and he's gone back home after a substantial tour.

Taylor Swift intervenes in ‘Half of my heart' only adding more to the ‘pop' effect. There's warmth in ‘Heartbreak Warfare' and ‘War of my life' adding to a sensation to be liked more and as for the rest, they're John Mayer.

There's no shortage of words, he's just as immense as he's been, a tad louder perhaps, but spellbinding all the same. ‘Perfectly Lonely' proves that most, laid back and lulling to listen and empathize. ‘Friends, lovers or nothing' is of the same kind, and ‘Assassin' speaks ‘fascination'. It's a folk-arrangement for ‘Who says' (the first single released) and ‘Do you know me?', both of which are mellow and pensive with amazing solos. There's a cover of ‘Crossroads' by Robert Johnson (in the style of ‘Cream'), a fast paced rock number serving to be a deviation from the rest, and there's ‘Edge of Desire', which is my pick of the album: A flash of mind, an experience. And the last track, ‘All we ever do is say goodbye', is Mayer magnified.

So what's new? John Mayer, who shows many changes with time. I would say it's his diary, to be read by everyone.

P. KARTHIK, II Year, Aerospace Engineering, IIT Madras

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