Dolce Vita, a multi-cuisine restaurant has Italian, Mexican and Thai dishes

Under the assumption that Dolce Vita is an Italian restaurant due to its name, which means ‘sweet life' in Italian, we enter this tiny joint on Dhanya-Remya Theatre Road, Ayurveda College. However, while going through the menu, we are disappointed to note that it is not. The restaurant is instead, a melting pot of cuisines, although the menu is predominantly Indian.

In the Indian menu, there is everything from Mushroom masala and Coconut rice to Calamari biriyani and Beef ularthiyathu. Chinese dishes such as Chicken fried rice, Vegetable noodles, Seafood chopsuey, Ginger chicken and Sweet and sour prawns are available too.

Menu's highlight

However, the one page on the menu that holds our interest is the one dedicated to Italian, Mexican and Thai dishes. The Italian section of the menu has Pasta pomodoro (cheese-based vegetarian pasta), Pasta Napoli (seafood-based pasta) and Pasta Bolognese (beef-based pasta) as the highlights. Lovers of spicy Thai food will not be disappointed as Dolce Vita has a variety of rice-based and noodle-based dishes to satiate varied palates. The Mexican side of the menu is a bit of a disappointment though as only three dishes are available. And they are varieties of the same dish – Enchiladas.

We skip the soups, salads and appetizers and order Pasta carbonara (Rs. 150), Seafood enchillad (Rs. 225) and Yellow curry kai (Rs. 85). As we wait for our food we take in the décor. It is minimalistic; no paintings or pictures, just bright walls. Sweet strains of ghazal float in the air. The food is soon served and it is piping hot.

The pasta carbonara is mildly spiced and the cream is thankfully not too heavy. Yellow curry kai (yellow noodles with curried pieces of boneless chicken) sets our taste buds on fire. The accompaniment, a serving of crushed peanuts, helps temper the spiciness of the dish. It also lends the dish an interesting flavour and texture. For those who are not satisfied with the spice level of the dish, a serving of chilli flakes (also as accompaniment to the dish) does the trick. The enchilada is a bit of a disappointment as the enchilada coating is a bit tough. The rich juicy seafood filling does make up for it though.

As I like to end my meal on a sweet note, I have a quick glance at the dessert menu. Varieties of pancakes seem to be the speciality at Dolce Vita. There is Plain pancake, Banana pancake, Lemon sugar pancake, Chocolate pancake and Honey pancake. I pick the Lemon sugar pancake (Rs. 40). A thinly spread sweet pancake; it has sugar sprinkled on it. A wedge of lime is served with this dish. Squeeze the juice evenly across the pancake and you are ready to dig in. The sweetness of the pancake does an interesting fusion with the tangy, citrusy feel of the lime. This dish is indeed a must try for lovers of pancakes. A cup of hot tea later, we are ready to go after experiencing a gastronomic treat.

Dolce Vita has a takeaway counter, which serves Indian food in the evenings. The restaurant is open daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Contact: 3010301