A pet-owner hopes that her stolen pet is safe in another home

Ginger was an accidental find from our neighbourhood. This summer, towards the close of annual vacation, my 10-year-old daughter noticed a mongrel feeding a litter of newborn puppies on the other side of our fence. It was a heavenly sight. We fed their mother and watched the pups grow up to make friends with us. My daughter had been yearning for a pup and we decided unanimously to adopt a light brown pup as it was love at first sight. We adopted a second pup to give the first one company and picked up a black sibling and named them Ginger and Pepper.

From then on, our lives revolved around them. We took them to a vet for sound advice, since we were first time pet-owners. We followed the vet’s advice religiously, feeding them, cleaning them, grooming them and of course pampering them and playing with them.

Ginger was so emotive that his expressions would bowl you over. He knew exactly how to get his way, with his child-like whimpers and constantly wagging tail. He made an instant connection with everyone around, even with strangers. That was enough reason why we lost him in a matter of minutes, when we let him out to play in the evening. May be we were too trustful of people around us. Or we were not careful enough to safe guard our puppy.

It's almost five weeks since we lost him and we still haven't come to terms with it. Why on earth would anybody steal someone's pet? If they wanted one, they could've adopted one instead of taking away our pet? All I have to say for now is: ‘Thank you Ginger – you showed us that mongrels are great pets. You taught us that it’s not enough to love our pets, it’s important to ensure their safety. You have taught us how to be more responsible as pet owners’.

(The author is based in Madurai and can be reached at sharanjali@gmail.com)

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