Panache 2011 showcased the latest in scientific skincare and bridal makeovers by Skeyndor and Make-Up Studio

At Panache 2011, the face was the canvas, and art was wearable. The event brought together for the first time, two internationally renowned brands, Skeyndor and Make-Up Studio. Showcasing the latest in scientific skin care and bridal make-up, the emphasis was on self-definition and staying your own person even when you are bringing runway looks to real life.

Having recently entered the Indian market, Spanish skincare giant Skeyndor brings to India, its over 45 years of experience in skincare that is non-invasive. Their clientele includes celebrities such as Penelope Cruz, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Elton John among others.

Talking about Skeyndor's compatibility with the Indian skin type, Ceri Silk, international trainer, Skeyndor, says, “For Indian skin which is prone to acne, blemishes and pigmentation due to different weather conditions, the biological peeling along with genetic de-pigmentation will give great results. Our latest generation ingredients such as synthetic viper venom in the Corrective Range softens muscle contractions and minimises expression lines, and is a natural non-invasive alternative to Botox. ”

With expertise in customised skin care for men and women, every treatment is preceded by an in-depth skin analysis, questions on lifestyle and client concerns before deciding on the intensity, duration and frequency of the treatment.

With the wedding season round the corner, she asks brides to start on their skin-care regimen at least six months before the wedding because the skin takes between three and six months to turn around. “You should be finishing all your facials at least a month before the wedding, not a day or two before it.”

“Bridal make-up, cannot look and feel like a mask since the bride has to wear it for a long duration,” says Ron Romeijn, international trainer, Make-Up Studio. “It has to look natural, be wearable and accommodate what the bride wants.”

Make-up Studio's products that are available in over 50 countries are hypo-allergenic and are not tested on animals. Picking from their exhaustive palette, the ‘Vintage Glam' and ‘Enchanted Jewels' range for the Indian bride, he says though the colours are not new, the combinations are. “While Enchanted Jewels has classic colours such as brownish golds, rich golds, brown-reds, greenish golds and maroons which bloom well in winters, Vintage Glam is based on the 1920s and the 1930s. In this we have blue-greens, soft gold, warm beige, peach and pinks.”

Since the bridal trousseau is heavily embellished and accessorised, the make-up has to step down to be subtle yet glamorous. “The foundation has to be extremely thin and must be chosen keeping in mind the Indian skin tone. Use peaches and pinks and not reds, for soft lips. In India since most have brown eyes, the contrast can be brought out using blue and purple tones and blue and green ones.” The event was organised by Ekta Capital, a cosmetic distribution company, which has brought these brands to India.

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Asha SridharJune 28, 2012