A strong human Will also means that one must/will be willing to sacrifice many other comforts/benefits etc., to achieve one's goal. Again the Scriptures say that the final outcome is hundred per cent or Zero sum game as we may understand. The final result is directly proportional to what we are willing to give up. The more we give up the more we get.

The more we concentrate our entire attention on a few things the more quickly the results come. Therefore, there is no benefit which accrues without effort (and therefore sacrifice). This may be seen by one in the same birth or sometimes it may be due to previous attempts (in previous births if one believes in that or the effect of our genes).

The human Will has devolved from the Will of that One. The Upanishad says, It brooded (Willed) and created the Many and then jumped into the Many (as the Life giving spark). The devolution has been Willed and therefore the Many (all of us as human beings or all creatures) have their own Will. It is up to each one to nurture the same and grow it. The question may arise as to why use the Human Will? It is no doubt correct that if one can totally surrender to the Supreme Will it is not necessary to develop or nurture one's Will, however all the scriptures say once we are born as humans of whatever vocation or caliber, our Will and its active state is something to be used and developed. It is for this reason that Tamas or an inactive, lethargic state, feeling of depression, anxiety etc., should not be allowed to control one if it is at all possible to avoid.

It is no doubt easily understood that when one gets weaker mentally or physically these thoughts would arise and as one gets older the more prone would one be to such influences. However if one has worked on strengthening the Mental Will it will help tide over such influences. This means that while such phases may arise one would overcome them through mental strength. For some reason if that is not possible, then one can only say that the future of such a person can only be upward.

The final question which then arises is what should be Willed by each one of us when we are active in life? This will then take us back to my first article and goals to be set – can we strongly Will that we want to be Happy not only in the result or outcome but also in every step of our Effort. Also we saw we will have to have other goals but the primary goal has got to be for us “To Will” to be Happy! At the least, we can Will this happiness for oneself and the ideal state may be to Will the same for all those associated with us. The Will and the willingness to sacrifice anything and everything for this to be attained seem to be the real reason why we need to nurture and strengthen our Will. Once this becomes our true desire, our intent and interest would be mainly to interact with persons who have a similar desire or approach. However many times adverse circumstances will arise (for we need to sacrifice to attain), diversions will accrue. This is when the Will must be strongest. It will also be helpful for the Will to be strengthened through Faith and Devotion to the Supreme Will and to repeatedly call Its Force down to enable us to make the sacrifice to attain our goal of Happiness. We will need to define Happiness (!) but this will be covered in later articles.

In conclusion, the Human Will is not to be loathed or discarded, it must also evolve to attain the Supreme Joy of Being one with The Supreme Will. Till then all effort must be made with all the strength at our command. “All that denies must be torn out and slain” is a line from Savitri which can be quoted out of context. Similarly, quoting out of context, the ‘Titan Opposites' of Sri Aurobindo or those tendencies which prevent us from Willing to be happy and thus need to be Willed away! A self-belief has to arise, every fear, anxiety or uncontrolled urges or efforts must be slain at the Altar of our Will in complete resonance with the Supreme Will. The Mental and Vital energy must be used to Will oneself to be happier by the day and soon a time will arise when there would only remain His pure Bliss.


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