Women DJs will be dishing out music for you to dance, dance and dance in Kochi. Find out where…

These girls can spin some crazy music at their fingertips, guaranteed to draw you to the dance floor. Popular deejays Priyanjana, Ayesha and Kini say they are bound to their job by an undying love for music. Each has her unique style, mixing groove, melody and funk in the most exotic of ways to create a musical parallel universe.

In the early years of India’s club culture, people would have stopped in their tracks if they saw a woman behind the console. Now, the sight is not uncommon. “It is a growing market and there is a lot of experimentation going on,” says DJ Kini, who is into her fourth year in the profession and is enjoying being a deejay. With exposure to the international media, the musical horizons of the youth in the country expanded and the clubbing scene transformed greatly. If you truly love music, it’s the best job one can have, the girls feel.

Explosion of talent

“Suddenly, there seems to be an explosion of female DJs in India. It is very good for the music scene,” says Priyanjana. The DJ from Kolkata was fascinated by the way music lent itself to lovely blends, but she made sure she practised. “As my interest in the art grew, I ensured I got some practice on the console,” she says. Priyanjana says talented DJs from India are now making their mark internationally.

Ayesha, too, started early, at the age of 16. She has played almost every genre—trance, house, progressive, electronic, minimal… and most of her time at home is spent at the studio, which she has set up there. She also produces music. “Music and I are synonymous from childhood as my parents are ardent music lovers. Music, for them, is a healer and a means of expressing themselves. I have imbibed this zeal from them,” she says. Her first gig was in 1999. “I enjoyed all the attention. But it was nerve-wracking because I had never played for such a huge crowd,” she says.

Kini, who started her career at Poison in Hyderabad, is upbeat about their performance in Kochi. The last time she played in the city was at Loungevity, about three years ago, which was a good experience, she recalls. “The hospitality of the people is something to remember,” she says.

Kini’s experiments with Electronic Dance Music have been well received through out clubs in the country. Currently, bass driven genres of Tech House and Minimal Techno are her top favourites. Priyanjana, Ayesha and Kini, who have played at the leading clubs in the country, will perform at ‘Tickled Pink’ at Hotel Casino in Kochi on Saturday.