It’s time again for a family outing. It’s also time to go wow as the The Extra Terrestrials invade the city from June 13. Priyadarshini Paitandy reports

Are E.T., Alf and Jadoo (from Koi Mil Gaya) the only extra terrestrials who continue to intrigue you? Then it’s time to add a few more to your list of favourites. Watch out for The Extra Terrestrials produced by Tango and Show Space. Thankfully these aren’t queer-headed, multi-limbed, shape-shifting creatures that make you shriek in horror, instead they make you gasp in amazement and ensure you exclaim “wow” at the end of their performance.

“It is a show that has been specially put together for the Indian audience and brings together a unique combination of new-age circus plus illusion and technology-led stage acts,” says K. Hariharan, director Tango.

How did the idea come about? “We were always bringing down skilled performers to perform at product launches which would have an audience of 100-150, who would watch with their jaws dropping. So we thought of compiling such acts and presenting a complete package,” says Hariharan. C.V. Bhaskar, director, Show Space says, “We also saw a huge opportunity for family-oriented shows because there aren’t too many options for families to watch together in terms of entertainment. There is cricket which might appeal to a few and then there are movies, most of which the family can’t sit together and watch.”

This is the second time an event such as this is taking place in the city. The first time The Extra Terrestrials invaded was in 2010. It featured eight acts. This time the 90-minute show with an international feel will have nine acts including seven new ones and two performances that have been brought back on popular demand. The duration of each performance is around 5-7 minutes and will ensure the audience experiences edge-of-the-seat entertainment.

The moment the first show was wrapped up successfully, the organisers started receiving resumes from artistes around the globe. They wanted to be a part of The Extra Terrestrials. Demos of nearly 75 acts had to be shuffled through to shortlist the final seven this year. “The yardstick was the performance had to evince a ‘Wow!’ from people,” says Bhaskar.

And is there any performer from India? “Unfortunately no. Not a single entry. We would like to invite entries from Indian artistes,” says the duo.

After Chennai the show will go to Bangalore and will also be premiering in Coimbatore. The organisers are hoping to make it an annual event with new mind-boggling acts every year. “Last time there weren’t any expectations from the audience because they watched the show for the first time. But this time around there are a lot of expectations and we have to live up to it,” adds Hariharan.

All we’d like to say is holding your breath for too long could be injurious to your health…so don’t forget to breathe.

The Extra Terrestrials will take place on June 13, 14, 15, 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23 at The Music Academy. There are three shows a day — 3.30 p.m., 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. For tickets log onto: or call 99403 00110

Sanddornbalance: Stick Balance

Gloating about the wobbly house of cards that you just made? Roman Muller can put you to shame. The performer from the Land of the Alps, Switzerland, is an expert at balancing sticks. He begins with one and gradually adds more sticks till they all balance neatly, forming a structure.

White Gothic: Quadra men hand balance

Watch Yevgen Shchukin, Valeriy Yemets, Sergii Petrov and Sergii Temkaiev — four muscular men from Ukraine demonstrate their skills of human endurance as they balance each other’s weights effortlessly, even in slow motion. Look out for the human pyramid they form.

Pavel Yeusiukevich: Juggling

Pavel, who comes from Russia started juggling when he was eight. At 15 he became a professional with Moscow Circus School and Variete Art. He is the world champion in juggling. Here, he juggles numerous rings while bouncing a ball on his head.

Valerie Laplante: Cyr wheel

Valerie Laplante Bilodeau comes from Canada. She trained at L’Ecole de Cirque de Quebec and learnt the art of performing with the Cyr Wheel from its creator, Daniel Cyr. After performing at several world events she is now here to enthral the crowd in India as she manoeuvres the wheel with speed and elegance.

Donovan Jones and Rebecca Peache: Crazee Horse

Making it to the Guinness World Records once itself, is quite a task to accomplish. But real-life couple Donovan Jones and Rebecca Peache hold three Guinness World Records for their acrobatic skills. Together, the British couple will perform a mix of duo acrobatic and aerial acts using props such as ropes, sashes and more.

Omar Pasha: Black theatre illusion

Omar Pasha is a black art performance that’s popular all over the world. Louis-Olivier Ostrowsky from France is a fourth generation performer who has sustained the act that dates back to a 120 years. Hold on to your belongings as he skilfully makes objects and people disappear and re-appear.

Thomas Barentin: Laser wizards

Thomas Barentin from France experiments with laser putting up a magical performance as he bends, cuts and restores laser beams.

Unicyclist - Erik Ivarsson

He’s back again on popular demand. Erik Ivarsson started with the unicycle at the age of nine and the love affair has continued ever since. Not contented with just one, Erik sometimes also performs with two and three unicycles, all the while juggling rings.